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The Myth Of Design And Artwork Services

In layman terms, anything that is needed to be done in a computer before printing is called “Design”. Through different languages such as Hokkien (dialect), Tamil, Malay, and Mandarin, they have their own ways of interpreting this word which makes it hard to differentiate between what is “Design services” and [...]

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Choosing The Best Floor Sticker For Social Distancing

Understandably with COVID-19, there has been a strong need for social distancing and if you think that just pasting the yellow or red tape on the floor can make people understand where to stand, that isn’t going to happen. People can’t read other people’s thoughts and may not be able [...]

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Why Do We Do Lamination In Large Format Printing?

You may wonder “Why does large format printing involve so much lamination on their prints?” and it may seem like it is compulsory to put an additional layer in our printing, but that’s not true! Let’s revisit the origins of why we use lamination on our printing in the first [...]