Printing Products

Everything about printing! If you are not familiar with our website, please browse the main categories first to understand the types of prints we provide,
you may find some unexpected prints product in it. 😆

Display Products

Value-added category to enhance your marketing experience.
Including but not limited to our own patented products, such as
Roti series roll-up banners and 360° clip poles.

Foam Board Products

Check out our 2-layer 5mm white foam board,  it reduces curling problems up to 80% as compared to normal foam board! 😎

Label Sticker

Commonly used to seal or paste on any products to showcase your brand and product info. Wonder if I can use it to seal my noisy brother’s mouth 🤔

System With Printing

Prints with Display System is like Chicken Rice and Chili, you can eat chicken rice alone but it’ll taste heavenly with chili. 😋

Display Stand

You bought an ergonomic chair so you can sit comfortably and focus on work? The same goes for print products! They also need the right “chair” to do their job! 😆

Posters & Cards

Printed on paper, we can print and trim to the size of a hamster🐹 or as big as my grandpa👴!

Banners & Signs

From small property agent banners to huge banner that you can see from the distance of Merlion to MBS, we got them all inside here.

Table Top Display

Products that help you display ads and keep the counter tidy.

Poster Frame

A-sizes poster frame for you to place and display your advertisement on the wall or counter.

Interior Decoration

We put some products that can increase life happiness in here 🥰

Personalized Gifts

Wonder how to make your friends appreciate and keep your gifts for decades? Print their faces on it. 😈

Accessories & Tools

I don’t know what’s inside, my parents won’t let me touch the things inside 😕

Roll Up Banner

Designed in Singapore, worldwide patented! Our Roti series have been sold all over the world including China, USA and Japan! 😊

Business Essentials

You will definitely find one or two things that you needs here.
(Psst: tell me if you don’t😜)

Stickers & Decals

All kinds of stickers to paste on wall, glass, car and floor. How nice if I can paste it on the cloud so that my grandparents can also see it 😇

Pop-Up System

Temporary background wall that can be set up by 1 person in 10 minutes.

Poster Stands

Various poster stands commonly found in retail stores and shopping malls.


What makes stand out?

RUSH !!!

How fast is considered as fast?
At Botak Sign
we call it “see you later” 😜

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The 3 Big NO

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