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PVC Free Banner
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PVC-Free Banner Description

Say goodbye to harmful PVC materials and hello to eco-friendly polyester fiber banners that not only promote your message but also preserve the planet. Our PVC-free banners are crafted with the environment in mind, offering a guilt-free advertising solution without compromising on quality.
Key Features:

Environmentally Friendly: Made from polyester fiber, our banners are a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious businesses and individuals.
Non-Fire Retardant: Safety is paramount, and our banners are designed without fire-retardant chemicals, ensuring a safer outdoor advertising option.
Semi-Matte Surface: With a semi-matte finish, our banners provide excellent visibility with minimal glare, ensuring your message stands out in any outdoor setting.
Perfect for Outdoor Usage: Rain or shine, our banners are built to withstand the elements, making them the ideal choice for outdoor advertising campaigns.
Opaque: Ensure your message remains clear and vibrant with our opaque banners, blocking out any unwanted background distractions.
High Resistance to Strong Forces: From windy days to rough handling, our banners are engineered for durability, offering high resistance to strong forces to keep your message intact.
Lightweight with Minimal Sagging: Experience hassle-free installation with lightweight banners that reduces sagging, maintaining a professional appearance throughout their lifespan.

Ready to elevate your outdoor advertising game while making a positive impact on the planet? Try our PVC-free banners today and let your message shine responsibly!


PVC-Free Material

Smooth material for a premium matte look for your advertisements.
Do note that there might be some fine fibers around the banner

Banner Highlights

Tear Resistant

More durable to withstand outdoor elements


Spend within your budget with long-lasting quality


Outdoor Display

A versatile option for outdoor displays

Fast Turnaround

Reduce your waiting time

! Caution !


Size tolerance of 3-5mm


Weight: 610gsm
Thickness: 0.95mm


Indoor: 4 years
Outdoor: 1-2 years
May vary depending on environment

Fine Fibres

There will be some fine fibres around the banner. Memory line will appear when folded.
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