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  • All split size are limited to a max of 1220mm width/height base on the orientation tiling.
  • For a specific size to split, you must submit a file to indicate the split size.
  • For equally split, we will split limited to a max 1220mm width/height based on the orientation tiling.
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Width: min 1221 - max 100000
Height: min 148 - max 5000
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Width: min 148 - max 5000
Height: min 1221 - max 10000
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Width: min 148 - max 1220
Height: min 210 - max 5000
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  1. Tolerance is required for the adjoining areas of this product.
  2. Size will divide limited to below 1220mm (either width or height) for each panel.
  3. A file with indication is required for specific sized panels.
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Wall Mural / Hoarding Sticker

Wall mural stickers are large vinyl stickers that can be affixed to walls to create a unique and eye-catching decorative mural. Wall mural stickers are an easy and affordable way to transform a room without the hassle and expense of traditional wallpaper or paint.

Transform and create your ideal home in style with a change of environment and atmosphere with wall mural sticker. Wall Murals are eye catching, capture attention, less expensive and more effective than paint. It can be used as home decoration or commercial shop makeover,  tremendous results will show if come with creative design and images.

With some skill of  joining the print,  the size and length is unlimited, only limit is our imagination.Using our standard wall mural print products, it comes with 5 years colour warranty, fire retardant, waterproof and non VOC issues, from residential, offices, shops, hotels, hospitals, schools all are safe to use.

*As smooth and flat surfaces offer more surface area for adhesive to bond with, stickers adhere on such surfaces well. In comparison, for textured surfaces, adhesive has less space to bond with the surface, causing the bonding strength of the sticker to reduce significantly.


Eco Hoarding Sticker

The most cost efficient option. Suitable for short term usage to beautify areas for a short period of time. To minimise cost during prints, stickers printed with lesser ink and faster speed. Causing possible issues with colour patchiness which can be obvious with darker colour. These stickers are suitable for shorter construction projects or events with small budgets.

Permanent Sticker

These are the standard vinyl stickers designed to be applied to walls or other smooth surfaces, such as doors, mirrors, or furniture. They can be used to add a personal touch to a room, create a focal point, or enhance the overall decor. These stickers are affordable and easy to install, making them a popular choice for home decor projects.

Grayglue Sticker

Blockout stickers are a type of adhesive decal designed to completely block out light and provide privacy. Blockout stickers for walls are a type of adhesive decal designed to completely block out light and provide privacy. Blockout stickers for walls are also often used to cover up unsightly marks or stains on walls, providing a quick and easy solution for concealing imperfections.

Fire Retardant

Able to slow down or stop the spread of fire in accidents.
View certificate here

Sticker Highlights

Water Resistant

Resist water for semi-outdoor purposes


Spend within your budget with long-lasting quality

UV Resistant

Reduced discoloration or fading even when exposed to strong light

Eco-Friendly Ink

Go green by printing with odorless eco-friendly ink
View details here

Lamiantion Types


Matte lamination for a smooth premium look with no reflection.
Or a gloss lamination to make the colours more vibrant.

! Caution !


Trimming Size tolerance of 2mm


Apply on smooth surfaces for desirable results. Super Clear stickers require more skill for installation as it is harder to paste.


Trim to Size only applied on straight line cut above A5 size.
Die cut size above 50mm diameter.
For sizes smaller than 50mm diameter, we recommend kiss cut + die cut.
Trim to Size can’t apply on reverse print sticker


Due to nature of material and heat from printer, the sticker will shrink (less) to 4 mm.
Permanent Sticker – White

Permanent Sticker – White


  • Latex Sticker Orajet 3164

  • Weight (gsm) : 135

  • Thickness (mm) : 0.1

  • Cutting Width (mm) : 210 – 1485

  • Cutting Length (mm) : 297 – 10000

  • Indoor Durability (Year) : 4

  • Outdoor Durability (Year) : 1

  • Temperature Resistance (°C) : -40 °C to +80 °C

  • One of the most popular and recommended sticker as it can be used for multi-purpose advertising and event.

  • Ideal for using the long term for purpose of usage.

  • The sticker material are matte and smooth finishing. Option for additional matte/gloss lamination.

  • Please take note that the indoor and outdoor durability may vary as it's depending on the environment and process of installation.

  • Fire Retardant
  • Writable
  • UV / Fade Resistant
  • Water Resistant
More info on material
Print Template
Installation Guide