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Window Frosted printing

Frosted stickers are adhesive materials that have a semi-translucent, frosted appearance that can be applied to various surfaces, such as glass, mirrors, or plastic.

We offer 3 different frosting effects to suit different needs.
Light Frosted Stickers: These stickers have a delicate and subtle frosted finish that allows some light to pass through. You will still be able to vaguely make out features of individuals behind the glass. Sheer frosted stickers work well for decorative purposes, such as on glass doors or as accents on mirrors.

Standard Frosted Stickers: These stickers have a medium level of frosted finish, providing more opacity than sheer frosted stickers. They are a popular choice for creating privacy screens in offices or homes and can also be used for decorative purposes.

Heavy Frosted Stickers: These stickers have a dense and solid frosted finish that offers maximum privacy and opacity. They are ideal for applications where privacy is necessary, however, vague shadows and shapes behind the glass can still be seen. Heavily frosted stickers can also be used as a background for intricate designs, providing a solid base for them to stand out from.

*To Prevent scratches on the surface, we strongly recommend using Felt Squeegee to do the installation.

*As smooth and flat surfaces offer more surface area for adhesive to bond with, stickers adhere on such surfaces well. In comparison, for textured surfaces, adhesive has less space to bond with the surface, causing the bonding strength of the sticker to reduce significantly.

Sticker Highlights

Water Resistant

Resist water for semi-outdoor purposes


Spend within your budget with long-lasting quality

UV Resistant

Reduced discoloration or fading even when exposed to strong light

Eco-Friendly Ink

Go green by printing with odorless eco-friendly ink
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Ultra Clear

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