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👉Important note:

  • Designs with borders are NOT recommended.
  • Hologram effect is only printable on one side of the print (front) and not on both.
  • Tolerance is required for designs with borders.
  • Tolerance is required for positioning in double-sided printing.

👉Please download Design Guideline for:

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127mm x 178mm (1 set 4 pcs)
105mm x 148mm (1 set 8 pcs)
89mm x 127mm (1 set 9 pcs)
134mm x 134mm (1 set 6 pcs)
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210mm x 297mm (1 set 1pc)
420mm x 297mm (Open Size)
148mm x 210mm (1 set 2pcs)
297mm x 210mm (Open Size)
127mm x 178mm (1 set 2 pcs)
254mm x 178mm (Open Size)
105mm x 148mm (1 set 4 pcs)
210mm x 148mm (Open Size)
89mm x 127mm (1 set 4 pcs)
178mm x 127mm (Open Size)
134mm x 134mm (1 set 2 pcs)
268mm x 134mm (Open Size)
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  1. Tolerance is required for designs with borders.
  2. Tolerance is required for positioning in double-sided printing.
  3. Hologram effect is only printable on one side of the print (front) and not on both.
  4. For double-sided art cards with multiple designs, 2 files is required (front and back), and pages need to be in sequence (i.e. page 1 of front goes with page 1 of back).
  5. Files submitted are accurate in sizing and requirements.
  6. Colour variance may occur between orders./
  7. Reprints for errors are only given for issues unrelated to the terms mentioned above and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
I have read and acknowledged the above restrictions.

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Invitation Card

Invitation cards are a timeless way of formally inviting people to an event. Upload designs with a personal touch such as quotes, personal photos, logos or initials that will make everyone feel welcome and special. Acts as a teaser or prologue to the actual event and keeps the attendees in anticipation. We provide a range of thickness to choose from to suit both your design and budget.

Laser printed with the latest state of the art technology to provide the highest printing quality, it can be printed within as fast as 3 hours for common orders.

★Note : 1 pdf can have multiple pages. If multiple designs are required on each page, customers will need to provide the artwork that is already laid out for our printing. For double-sided standard card printing, please separate the file into front and back. The pages need to be in sequence.

Invitation Card Highlights


Fast printing within 3 hours for common orders


Spend within your budget with long-lasting quality

Smooth Card

Printed on high quality smooth art card with colour variation

Folding Type

Choose between a standard or folded card


310gsm Art Card

250gsm Vanilla Smooth Art Card

250gsm White Smooth Art Card


Matte lamination for a smooth premium look with no reflection.
Or a gloss lamination to make the colours more vibrant.

Hologram Effect

With Amazing hologram add on to the print and variety of designs to choose from, it can create significant results.

! Caution !


For print with border designs on both sides, one of the sides will be slightly off-center with a tolerance of 1-2mm.


Lamination is applied to the front side only to allow for writing on the other side. Writability vary depending on type of lamination and pen used.

Cutting Charges

Additional charges will be applied for prints that require precise border cutting services.

Crease Line

Avoid placing any designs near the folding line indicated to prevent ink cracking.
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