Permanent Sticker – White

  • Latex Sticker Orajet 3164
  • Weight (gsm) : 135
  • Thickness (mm) : 0.1
  • Cutting Width (mm) : 210 – 1485
  • Cutting Length (mm) : 297 – 10000
  • Indoor Durability (Year) : 4
  • Outdoor Durability (Year) : 1
  • Temperature Resistance (°C) : -40 °C to +80 °C
  • One of the most popular and recommended sticker as it can be used for multi-purpose advertising and event.
  • Ideal for using the long term for purpose of usage.
  • The sticker material are matte and smooth finishing. Option for additional matte/gloss lamination.
  • Please take note that the indoor and outdoor durability may vary as it’s depending on the environment and process of installation.
Fire Retardant
Material is naturally more resistant to fire than others through chemical treatment or manufactured fireproof fibers.
Material can be written on using oil based pen / marker.
UV / Fade Resistant
The print will not have any discoloration or fading even when exposed to strong light (whether natural or otherwise)
Water Resistant
Is able to resist water for semi-outdoor purposes over a period of time.
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Orajet 3164