Freezer Label Sticker

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Freezer Label Sticker

Our Freezer Label Stickers works well as any frozen product stickers, such as frozen food labels, marketing stickers on frozen goods or even price adjustment stickers on frozen goods. The adhesive works great in temperature as low as -20°C. However, do note that the sticker label will have to be applied when the item is clean, dry and within 5°C to 50°C to ensure good adhesion.

These premium stickers can be completed as quickly as 24 hours for orders that is required quickly.

Freezer Label Sticker Highlights

Up to 2400dpi

High resolution suitable for barcodes and QR codes.


Can be submerged under seawater for at least 3 months, outdoors for at least 12-36 months

Strong Adhesive

No curling or shrinkage over time

Variety of Stickers

Choose from a variety of sticker materials to die cut


PET Sticker Gloss White

PET Sticker Gloss Transparent


Matte lamination for a smooth premium look with no reflection.
Or a gloss lamination to make the colours more vibrant.

Possible Usages

Hand Sanitiser

Essential Oil

Lotion Bottle

Perfume Bottle

Cutting Types

Die Cut

Die Cutting will be given in individual pieces to the shape of the artwork. Cut into custom shapes to any suitable size.

Kiss Cut

Will be given in sheets where sticker can be peeled off from the backing.

! Caution !


Size tolerance of 1-2mm


Apply on clean and smooth surfaces for desirable results.


Die cut size above 50mm diameter.
For sizes smaller than 50mm diameter, we recommend kiss cut + die cut.


PET Sticker may leave a sticky residue when removed.

Please read through and check the following conditions :

a) Artboard size is 297 x 420mm (A3)

b) Cutline must be provided (keyline)

c) For die cut, there should be a minimum of 5mm between each piece of sticker.

d) We reserve the rights to reject any designs with overly complicated cutlines.

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