PVC Foam Board 2mm

  • PVC Foam 1mm (TP2)
  • Weight (gsm) : 1244
  • Thickness (mm) : 2
  • Cutting Width (mm) : 210 – 1220
  • Cutting Length (mm) : 297 – 2440
  • Indoor Durability (Year) : 0.5 – 1
  • Outdoor Durability (Year) : NA
  • Temperature Resistance (°C) : NA
  • Same performance as foam board
  • There is also additional benefit that our PVC board are water- resistant, which allow to use in the semi-out door event. Comes in four thickness of the PVC board.
  • The thicker the board is, the heavier it is.
  • Must handle with care to prevent injury.
UV / Fade Resistant
The print will not have any discoloration or fading even when exposed to strong light (whether natural or otherwise)
Water Resistant
Is able to resist water for semi-outdoor purposes over a period of time.
Scratch Resistant
Surface is less likely to get scratches.