Premium Backlit Film

  • Backlit Film 215 Micron
  • Weight (gsm) : 269
  • Thickness (mm) : 0.215
  • Printing Width (mm) : 210 – 1245
  • Printing Length (mm) : 297 – 10000
  • Indoor Durability (Year) : 5
  • Outdoor Durability (Year) : 1
  • An economical printing poster (paper). Printed on high quality synthetic paper that promises bright and vibrant colors.
  • Suitable for home/office decorations, advertising for indoor events, presentations and information.
  • Option for additional matte/gloss lamination.
Tear Resistant
Durable and able to withstand an amount of force and weight
Material can be written on using oil based pen / marker.
UV / Fade Resistant
The print will not have any discoloration or fading even when exposed to strong light (whether natural or otherwise)
Water Resistant
Is able to resist water for semi-outdoor purposes over a period of time.