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Static Car Decal

Static Car decal attaches onto surfaces through the static charge of the material itself and the window. Making it easy to remove and re-positioning  in different situations, leaving no adhesive.

Create a statement using fun shapes and sizes with the only limitation being your imagination. As our strength is in large format printing services, we use the latest state of the art technology to provide the highest printing quality.

★Note : For double-sided decal printing, it will show double images (shadow image) if both side images are different.

Static Car Decal Highlights

Static Cling

No adhesive required, making it easy to be re-positioned

No Jagged Edges

Fast and precise to produce clean cut edges

UV Resistant

Reduced discoloration or fading even when exposed to strong light

Water Resistant

Able to resist water for semi-outdoor purposes

Decal Types

Direct Print (Inside View)

Direct Print (Outside View)

Reverse Print (Inside View)

Reverse Print (Outside View)

Double Sided Print (Inside View)

Double Sided Print (Outside View)


Decal Material

UV printed on clear transparent static decal and looks great on any clean glass surface. There is no adhesive, is reusable, easy to apply and re-position.
All print comes in full-colour printing with white ink and a clear border for better static cling.

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White Ink Printing

Different white ink options are available to customize area of transparency and white backing to cater to a variety of designs. Watch the video to explore the customizations, do take note of how transparent print area will be affected when pasted on coloured backgrounds.

Default option is with white backing, please contact us to drop us a special request if you wish to customize with white ink.

! Caution !


Please note that size ordered includes allowance for decal border.


Paste on a clean, smooth and glass surfaces for a best result.

Double Sided

For double-sided print, the graphic on the other side may be visible when viewed against strong lighting conditions.

Clear Area

At least 10% of the clear area is required for better performance (Minimum 5mm – 25mm border) and to prevent peeling off due to environmental conditions. Price is inclusive of clear area.
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