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210mm x 297mm (A4)
240mm x 297mm
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Menu Book

Menu Book is printed in vibrant full color on hard board cover. A perfect solution for restaurants, cafes and pubs as a multi-page menu to promote various food and beverage items to restaurant guests.

Smart metal screws bind the cover and pages of your book for easy adding and removing of pages. Display appealing and high-quality picture of exotic dishes and meals can entice the customers into ordering that food item.

Menu Book Highlights


Pages are printed with 135 micron PET film to wipe stains easily

Screw Bind

30mm width stainless steel binding screws to easily add and remove pages

Flat Lay

Hard cover can be laid flat for easy viewing with inserts in between

Tear Resistant

Durable and tear resistant material for long lasting use


Close Size

Close Size: 210mm by 297mm (A4) or 240mm x 297mm
Cover : 2mm board wrapped with vinyl sticker

View Size

210mm x 297mm View Size : 180mm(width) x 297mm
240mm x 297mm View Size: 210mm(width) x 297mm


PET Film 135 Micron

Durable and able to withstand an amount of force and weight

View details here

! Caution !


2mm to 3mm tolerance on the alignment for the cover

Crease Line

May have crease line after fold

In sets

Pages comes in a set

One Thickness

Only one thickness available
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