Commercial / Office Acrylic Signage

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3mm Acrylic
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Width: min 30 - max 2400
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Commercial / Office Acrylic Signage

Acrylic Signage is a popular option for signages these days as it is modern, highly customizable while retaining its classy and professional appearance with additional finishing such as bevel edges.

On top of that, when produced alongside with our latex ink printed on orajet vinyl sticker with additional lamination, the lasting power of the sign and print is warrantied up to 5 years.

★Tips : Due to production restrictions, orders with larger quantities will take more time to craft and lead time may therefore be extended. We will inform you during such instances.

Commercial / Office Acrylic Signage Finishing

Clean Cut

Acrylic with Clean Cut retains the straight angular shape of the acrylic with no other excess cuttings.

Rounded Corner

For Acrylic with Rounded Edges, corners will have a 5mm Radius by default.

Beveled Edge Cut

Acrylic with Beveled Cuts have the edges of acrylic converted to a slanted surface to soften the appearance of the edges.

Acrylic with hole

For Acrylic with Holes, 10mm holes will be drilled at the 4 corners of the acrylic piece, 30mm away from each corner. For holes that are in different sizes or to be drilled at different placements, kindly indicate in the artwork for print. For added holes, charges will apply accordingly.

*Note : Spacers do not come with the order of Acrylic Signages with Holes. Kindly order the spacers here

Commercial / Office Acrylic Signage Highlights

No Jagged Edges

Fast and precise to produce clean cut edges

UV Resistant

Reduced discoloration or fading even when exposed to strong light

Able to resist water for semi-outdoor purposes

! Caution !


Please note that size ordered includes allowance for decal border.


Paste on a clean, smooth and glass surfaces for a best result.

Double Sided

For double-sided print, the graphic on the other side may be visible when viewed against strong lighting conditions.

Clear Area

At least 10% of the clear area is required for better performance (Minimum 5mm – 25mm border) and to prevent peeling off due to environmental conditions. Price is inclusive of clear area.
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