Here at Print By Phone, we believe in giving back to the community by offering low cost options for non-profit organizations. By cutting
costs in printing, more budget can then be allocated to fund other areas. For charities and non-profit organizations, print materials
and direct-mail marketing are one of the most effective ways to raise funds and generate awareness for their cause. Print By Phone
recognizes the need for low-cost, but high-quality services for eligible charities and non-profits.

Therefore, a non-profit can earn heavily discounted full-color printing, together with our handy display products, in exchange for
acknowledging Print By Phone’s support on their website and promotional materials.

1. Fill up our Non-profit form to get an approval and quotation from us.

Choose printing/display product

Fill up your details

2. Upon approval, you’ll receive your quotation.

Receive quotation via email

Confirm printing details and price

3. Place your non-profit order in the link given.

Key in the price that was quoted in the email

Upload your printing files with our logo

4. Checkout your non-profit printing order.

Pay via credit card or Paypal account

Once payment made, take note of
your order number for collection

Browse through our array of printing and display products on our website. Choose the product you need to print or display at your
event or organisation. 

Take note of the following details of the product you want to purchase:

– Name of product

– Product code (for display)

– Quantity

– Guidelines (for print)

– Material/Finishing (for print)

In the last step, simply fill up your details and furnish us the purpose of usage (eg. for events, promotional display). Once the
form is submitted, we will follow-up with an email furnishing you the special price.

Add Our Logo

Our support to non-profit organisations is our aim in contributing to the community. As good things must be shared, crediting us as
the printing support would help spread the word so that others could use the same assistance. For reference, look at the examples of
how our logo should be placed in your artwork. Download our logo here to superimpose in your artwork.

 Download logo